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One to One

Great management starts within the leader of the organisation. To be able to motivate your team to perform their best, start with getting a kick ass coaching yourself to get connected to that encouraging power our generation need to get out of our comfort zone. To book one to one sessions live or over video press here.

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Ready to build a sustainable business culture? Give your co-workers the ability to lead themselves and experience resilience. Relax, it´s easy. Let us implement the practice at your work space, as a natural part of your business culture. You can book from one 40 min session/week and up, to create a sustainable habit for increased presence.

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Energy smart leadership

Make your organization energy smart by giving the top ambassadors the skill of being present. Participants need to commit for 8 weeks, 2h a week plus one retreat to re-build a brain of compassion, focus, creativity and fun. The result will be leaders that are smart with their energy, building a sustainable work-environment with better health, wealth and happiness.