Why Mindful?


Being mindful means being awake in the present moment. 

Being mindful means having the ability to choose when you want to be focused and when to be creative. Conscious actions made effortless.

Mindful is the most powerful state of being where we can make optimal strategic and creative decisions.


mission to prevent burnout

For every pound invested in mindfulness training, you get fifteen back according to the Mindful Initiative by Mindful Nation UK.

The mindful initiative by Mindful Nation UK.

Mindful Nation UK

The Mindful UK Report, the first policy document of its kind, seeks to address mental health concerns in the areas of education, health, the workplace and the criminal justice system through the application of mindfulness interventions. The recommendations in this report are evidence-based, sourced directly from experienced implementers, who report notable success in their respective fields and urge policymakers to invest resources in further pilot studies and increase public access to qualified teacher trainers.

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effects mindfulness

Effects of mindfulness

88% better concentration.

65% better productivity.

30% better ability to handle stress.

76% better relations at work

40% increased co-operation skills.

40% less irritation.

35% better sleep.

31-75% increased attention at meetings.

60% increased empathy.    

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Through the mindful exercises I have done with Charlotte, I have gained new perspectives on everyday life while it has been valuable in my profession as an entrepreneur. Charlottes methodological sessions have helped me understand mindfulness better than before, and it has contributed to increased focus and relaxation while it has been a well worth 45 min break weekly. Charlotte has a natural feeling for feeling the participants in the group and is good at adjusting the exercise accordingly. I highly recommend her sessions!

— Jonathan Rex, entrepreneur at Epicenter.

The mindfulness exercises with Charlotte Hult have helped me take bigger steps in my already existing knowledge of the subject. It has helped me to get a greater perspective on how I think, feel and react, something that has helped me both privately and in my own business that involves high pressure and requires focus. Charlotte has been incredibly good at making each and every person feel welcome while helping me take new steps forward through her warmth and light-hearted way toward every person in the room.

— Filip Waak, actor and creative freelancer at Epicenter.


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