The training increase workflow to your team, through practice in valuable abilities like calmness, how to fuel up your own energy level, sharpen your focus and stimulate creativity. 
— Charlotte Hult, brain trainer & founder of Mindful Bizness

mindful workdays

Mindful Workdays

Every workplace needs an in-house mindfulness expert. Why? To build a sustainable work environment in good health, wealth and happiness. To be able to perform and deliver good work in the long run, we must first understand our underlaying mechanism and behavior patterns. Depending on the organisation the sessions are formed after the daily needs in the group. 



Our mindfulness experts provide brain training sessions that leads to improved performance through better self-leadership.

Mindful workdays flow

Business Benefits

Better Self-leadership

More effective meetings

Better decision-making

Higher motivation

Better flow

Increased creativity

Better focus

Reduced stress

More acceptance for change

Authentic leadership