We believe in collaboration. That it takes a team to win. 

We believe in sustainability. Long-term before quick-fix.

We believe in mindful listening. Creating space to connect and understand.


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Mindful Workdays

Create sustainable habits for your work force, through weekly sessions of mindfulness training. Let your coworkers grow resilience and the ability of self leadership. How? Charlotte Hult, brain trainer & founder of Mindful Bizness comes to your work place every week for 45 minutes of guidence in presence.



Learn the basics of mindfulness and create new more sustainable patterns in your brain through understanding and practicing mindfulness. We meet in a group of 12-20 persons for 2,5 hours/week for 8 weeks plus one whole day. Mindful Bizness hold these courses through Mindfulnessgruppen at their penthouse at Tegnérgatan 12 in Stockholm.

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Mindful Moment

Want a private session in presence? Reach alpha and theta state of mind to access deeper levels of consciousness. Charlotte Hult will guide you from wherever you are in the moment. 


mindful events

Mindful events

We love finding synergies for collaborative events. In collaboration with Mercedes Benz pop-up store in Stockholm and Minds Unlimited, guests where invited to join playful workshops in mindfulness and emotional intelligence. Interesting synergies between the intelligence of next generation exclusive cars and next generation of human intelligence. Event combined by Charlotte Hult, founder of Mindful Bizness.

Mindful Fridays

We understand how creative driven entrepreneurs work. In collaboration between Stockholm´s house of innovation Epicenter and Minds Unlimited, the members were offered 45 min sessions every Friday lunch. Guided in presence by Charlotte Hult, mindfulness trainer and founder of Mindful Bizness. In a house full of creative driven entrepreneurs Mindful Fridays was a very appreciated space for practicing their consciousness for recovery, more energy, better focus and creativity.

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